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About Hunter Audio Production. 

Sound and music is full of dynamics and emotion, just like your content. We combine art and technique to create unique sounds and atmospheres that boost the emotional connection of the audience with your production.


We have crafted soundtracks for stories told across advertising, broadcast, film, and digital media, with services ranging from composition to sound design, and location recording to audio post.


From the initial writing stage through recording, mixing and mastering, we strive to work with you to write and produce the sound that will achieve the end result you are looking for.


Describe the world of your project, and we will find the sounds that belong to it.

Michael Panayiotis

Michael is a sound designer, media composer and multi-instrumentalist from London, England. His love for sound and film began at a very young age, and was realised when he began learning the drums at the age of 9. Michael has spent over 14 years touring and recording as a drummer for groups including Arrows of Love and RIDDLES. During this time he also studied audio engineering and has assisted on classical recording sessions for nearly 10 years. He has since produced work for global advertising campaigns and his music has been played across TV, radio and streaming networks including the BBC and Netflix. His work has also received nominations across international film festivals.

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